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Van Andrew’s TikTok-Viral Single Is Making Waves

It’s a movement, honestly.

Van Andrew's TikTok-Viral Single Is Finally Here

Van Andrew, a singer-songwriter and former contender on the television show The Voice, has come out with a new single that has taken TikTok by storm.

Sad Cowboys and Rock and Roll is a beautiful song about romance in our modern dystopic society.

You got me feelin' like James Dean
High on your honeysuckle day dream
Climb on the back of my Iron Steed
The night is an open road
Dumpster fire, skyline
Leave all of that pain behind
Your arms wrapped around mine
How fast do you want to go?
Sad cowboys and rock and roll

The song went viral on the social media application prior to its release. People began commenting that the ‘song is gonna in movies’. Honestly, we could see it.

Van Andrew has posted his entire process of creating Sad Cowboys and Rock and Roll on TikTok. Everything from the writing process, to promotions, to the release, and even the first time hearing the song played in his local coffee shop—he even let his followers help pick out the cover art. The up and coming artist has garnered millions of views on the process, amassing over 160k followers.

It is truly a beautiful song and we encourage you to go stream it.

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