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Gucci’s New Bottled Cocktail Is Just As Extra As You Would Expect

Gucci just announced a bottled gin cocktail in collaboration with London’s Connaught Bar, a refreshing new endeavor for the designer label.

Gucci's New Bottled Cocktail Is Just As Extra As You Would Expect
via Gucci

Gucci has just come out with a new bottled cocktail: Elisir d’Elicriso.

Yup, the renowned designer is once again stepping outside the confines of fashion. This time, to bring us a drinkable indulgence.

In a collaboration with London’s Connaught Bar, acclaimed as one of the best bars in the world, Gucci created a “collector’s cocktail”.

The gin-based creation has a rich, herbal, and rounded profile drawn from the local botanicals, apothecary and natural herbs from the Mediterranean, vetiver, and essential oil of ‘elicriso’,” Gucci explains. The idea behind the “complex yet light” taste is to “evoke the lush gardens of Tuscany”.

Staying true to the Gucci brand, this is not a cocktail you can get just anywhere. It can be ordered online, as long as the delivery address is within the confines of Italy‘s borders. It also available for purchase at the Gucci Osteria Florence, as well as the Gucci Giardino 25. Anyone who wishes to order the product outside of Italy, must place an inquiry with the brand—and oh, we did.

Another parallel with the tried and true Gucci label is the price tag. This is not a twenty-dollar Tito’s bottle. The bottled craft cocktail costs 140 euros. This is not a ridiculous ask, given its exclusivity. Nevertheless, it will not be your go-to from the liquor cabinet.

We have reached out to Gucci both via social media and their official website channels to obtain a bottle—we want y’all to know if it’s worth the hype before you invest:)

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