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Doja Cat Went LIVE On Instagram…To Shave Off Her Hair & Eyebrows

We expect nothing less from Doja Cat.

Doja Cat Went LIVE On Instagram...To Shave Off Her Hair & Eyebrows

Rapper and singer Doja Cat shaved off her hair and eyebrows. It sounds trivial, but the new ‘do has caused quite the stir on social media…considering she live streamed the entire process.

Yes, she went live on Instagram and had a Britney circa 2007 moment. But we expect nothing less from Doja.

Honestly, if anyone can pull it off… it would be Doja Cat. Snoop Dogg agrees.

“Afro centric vibes my Nubian queen🌹🔥🔥🔥,” he commented on the LIVE video. “That style is dope on u sis.”

Her feel-good attitude, spontaneity, and hilarious social media persona radiate good vibes. Only Doja could receive a round of applause over something that screams ‘mid life crisis’.

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