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Old Row Wins The Internet (Again) With Iconic ‘DeSantis Airlines’ Tee

They can’t stop winning.

Old Row Wins The Internet (Again) With Iconic 'DeSantis Airlines' Tee

Old Row, which is the go-to for all non-academic activities on college campuses, is unrivaled when it comes to the speed and quality of their memes. Their latest endeavor is no exception.

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew a couple planes full of illegal immigrants to the liberal elite’s favorite summer safe space: Martha’s Vineyard. The next day Old Row already has a shirt available for pre order: DeSantis Airlines.

The white tee features an eagle graphic, with the tagline ‘Bringing the Border to You!‘ fitted under the fabricated airline name. It is glorious.

This is not the first meme Old Row has pioneered, and it certainly will not be the last.

This summer they created the #Bidening trend after President Joe Biden toppled over while stationary on his peddle bike. Old Row had people from around the globe submitting videos of them falling off bikes and laying in the middle of the sidewalk.

They released a ‘Greetings From Brandon Falls‘ tee so followers could commemorate the incident (you can buy that here).


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