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Parker McCollum Releases New Single ‘Handle On You’

We’ll cheers to this…

Parker McCollum Releases New Single 'Handle On You'

Following his feature on Ronnie Dunn’s new project 100 Proof Neon, Parker McCollum has released a new single of his own.

Another one of Parker’s classic heartbreak anthems, Handle On You is the perfect song to play while you drink away lost love.

"Tennessee and Kentucky 'cause you ain't here to love me
I drink now that there's nothing to lose
I've been fightin' with your memory, I hate the way it hits me
I wake up every day, black and blue
After all this back and forth, a fifth won't do
Yeah, I finally got a handle, finally got a handle on you"

The song tackles heavy emotions with an uplifting beat. Parker does a great job lightening the mood by using playful lyrics to help break up the severity of heartache with lines such as: “I tell myself that I should quit but I don’t listen to drunks“. That’s a valid point.

This song received a very positive response, and a lot of hype prior to its release. Coming off the Ronnie Dunn collaboration, and not having released music for a while prior; fans were eager for something new from the young country star. This certainly satisfied listeners.


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