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A recent trend on TikTok LIVE has viewers 'voting' for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.


Rudy Giuliani interviewed two doctors about their professional medical opinion on Joe Biden’s cognitive state.


"Joe doesn't know too much." President Trump slammed Joe Biden's proposed 'Nationwide Mask Mandate' during a press conferene on Thursday.


"Oh shit," Maya Rudolph said when Angela Bassett broke the news about Kamala Harris being Biden's VP pick on the call. "That's spicy."


As November approaches and chaos in the streets persists, Democrats look to fabricate a unified party behind a largely absent---and certainly absent-minded---candidate.


Seven-year old Riley was showing his support for Donald Trump outside of the DNC when he was attacked by some of Joe Biden's supporters.


During his speech at CPAC, Congressman Matt Gaetz slammed the double standard of America Last politicians when it comes to freedom.


“Anyone who honestly cares about black people could not support Black Lives Matter,” Christian Walker, son of former professional football player Herschel Walker, asserted...


Gaetz's speech at the RNC was hailed immediately after its conclusion as a "highlight" of the night on Twitter.

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