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Texas Rocker Austin Meade Drops Single ‘Red Roof Estates’

Austin Meade has done it again, folks. This time with his new disco-rock-inspired single ‘Red Roof Estates’.

austin meade
It's literally the album cover. I know, dope, right?

If you like classic rock, Austin Meade ‘s new single Red Roof Estates is right up your alley.

The third in a recent string of singles, Red Roof Estates brings the modern Texas-rock sound to an old-school-disco-rock-style song.

Meade is perhaps best known for his 2021 album Black Sheep that included his hit Happier Alone. The new singles did not disappoint, keeping up the hype the album generated.

The all-out rock/alternative style is something few artists do well nowadays—but Meade nails it. Down to every last detail in the music videos, he truly is an entertainer.

Watch the music video for Red Roof Estates:

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