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Coca-Cola Teams Up With Jack Daniel’s For RTD Canned Cocktail

Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s have joined forces to bring you the iconic bar drink of ‘Jack and Coke’ in a convenient, ready-to-drink can.

Move over, seltzers. ‘Jack and Coke’ will soon be available ready-to-drink (RTD) in a can.

Yes, the two brands that inadvertently brought you this iconic bar drink have finally teamed up in an official capacity.

The Brown-Forman Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company announced on Monday that they will be releasing a canned cocktail blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola. The can of goodness will be available starting in Mexico in late 2022 and will soon thereafter move to markets globally.

Though the international standard for alcohol beverage volume (ABV), the announcement noted this “will vary depending on the market” đź‘€. And for those trying to watch their girlish figure, a sugar-free version will be available as well.

Lawson Whiting, the CEO and President of Brown-Forman, said that the new collaboration “brings together two classic American icons to deliver consumers a taste experience they love in a way that is consistent, convenient, and portable”.

“Brown-Forman has been a leader in the ready-to-drink category since we launched our first Jack Daniel’s RTD more than 30 years ago. Coca‑Cola perfectly complements Jack Daniel’s and our existing RTD offerings, enabling us to accelerate expansion and continue to grow our business around the world.” 

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