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Legoland Unveils ‘Ferrari Build & Race’ Exhibit With Life-Size LEGO F40

Legoland just unveiled their new ‘Ferrari Build and Race’ interactive exhibit, complete with a life-size Ferrari F40 made entirely of Legos.

Legoland Unveils 'Ferrari Build & Race' Exhibit With Life-Size LEGO F40
via @ferrari on Instagram

Legoland has just unveiled a new exhibit that “allows guests to build, test, and race their own Lego Ferrari”. The exhibit includes three interactive zones; in the center of which is a life-size Ferrari F40 constructed entirely out of Legos.

The to-scale replica uses 358,000 Lego pieces. The Ferrari F40 was the last car unveiling Enzo Ferrari himself attended in 1987. It marked the 40 year anniversary of the vehicle manufacturer.

Exclusively available at the California Legoland location, the fully customizable experience gives “guests the opportunity to modify their own engines, tires, power and aerodynamics”.

Once the guests construct their vehicles, they are able to virtually race them. Guests can even compete for the fastest time at Ferrari’s own track in Maranello, Italy.

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