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Tim Montana Releases New EP ‘Reno’

Rock-country singer and songwriter Tim Montana just dropped his new EP ‘Reno’ – it is everything we hoped for and more.

Tim Montana Releases New EP 'Reno'

Singer and songwriter Tim Montana released his new EP Reno on Friday.

Staying true to his sound, Montana’s latest work has that rock-country flare his fans know and love.

A Guy Like Me, the third track on the project, is a headbanger that could rile up any crowd. American Dream, the lead song, is about the blue collar, salt of the earth lifestyle. And Reno, the title track, is about getting f*cked up in Reno. You cannot go wrong there…well I guess you can.

The six-song extended play features artists Colbie Caillat, Billy F Gibbons, and Matt Sorum—all artists whose aesthetics mesh well with Montana.

Ain’t got it all but we got enough

Might look a little sus, might look a little rough

This life we got might not be the cover of your magazine

But it’s our own American dream

Tim Montana, ‘American Dream’

Reno is a home run—there is not much else to say. It is everything we hoped for in terms of sticking with his style; the perfect set of songs for summer. Roll the windows down, find a dirt road, and crank the volume.

Montana is currently on tour in Florida with Dylan Wheeler and Koe Wetzel. The trio is spending four consecutive nights on the road: Orlando, St. Petersburg, St. Augustine this Friday, and finally Pompano Beach on Saturday.

Click here to listen to Reno

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