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Koe Wetzel’s ‘April Showers’ Jumps to #1 On Apple Music Country Chart

Koe Wetzel’s highly anticipated new single ‘April Showers’ topped the U.S. Apple Music country chart in under 48 hours.

Koe Wetzel's 'April Showers' Jumps to #1 On Apple Music Country Chart
photo by Krystie Archer, via Flickr

The undisputed king of grunge country has done it again, folks. Koe Wetzel officially dropped the highly anticipated single April Showers, as well as the music video, on Friday. In less than 48 hours, the song topped U.S. Apple Music’s country songs chart.

April Showers was written by Koe alongside Ben Burgess, who wrote Morgan Wallen’s hit Whiskey Glasses, and Jaren Johnston of the country rock band The Cadillac Three.

You could holler that you’re sorry

But that don’t mean a thing

Because the whiskey words never cured the hurt

And your tears are the only rain that I’ve seen

Koe Wetzel, ‘April Showers’

Exactly one week prior to the release, Koe uploaded a clip of the opening to April Showers on TikTok: “They say April showers bring May flowers, but it’s been dry as hell.” But the singer did not announce when the single and its music video would drop…until merely hours prior.

Outside of a feature on Austin Meade’s Happier Alone in 2021, Koe had not dropped any music since his 2020 album Sellout. Sundy or Mundy was the only single off that album…and definitely not its most popular track. Given the instant success of April Showers, the upcoming album (which we do not have a name of or release date for, in typical Koe fashion) has fans on the edge of their seats.

It’s weird

We don’t talk like we used to and I’m so scared

Of what we’ve become

Is this time the last time that we’ll be together?

Fuck this April weather, goodbye

Koe Wetzel, ‘April Showers’

Check out April Showers:

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