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Trump vs Biden TikTok LIVE Trend Goes Exactly As You Would Expect

A recent trend on TikTok LIVE has viewers ‘voting’ for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

There is a recent trend on TikTok LIVE where viewers choose between Presidents Trump and Biden.

LIVE hosts select their preferred voting format, whether it be commenting the president’s name, ‘liking’ versus ‘sharing’ the LIVE, or sending certain type of gifts. Viewers then use this format to select their favorite president.

For those unfamiliar with TikTok: any LIVE can end up on any user’s ‘For You Page’, the default TikTok feed. Due to the inherent apolitical nature of the streams, they are often widespread and thus well-performing.

I, personally, have never come across a single video where Trump was not winning—by a lot.

The entire format of the LIVE video capitalizes on how political and subsequently polarized society has become. By encouraging viewers to interact with the LIVE and thus spend a longer amount of time watching to do so, the stream gets boosted by the TikTok algorithm. More viewers, likes, shares, comments, and gifts means more money for the host. There are even entire accounts dedicated to this type of LIVE.

That is not the only pro Trump trend circulating the social media app right now.

One sound—which many TikTokers are using at the gas pump—asks in an edited audio, “what do you want to tell Donald J. Trump right now?” It then starts playing the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton: “I need you, and I miss you”.

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