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ERNEST’s ‘Flower Shops’ ft Morgan Wallen Debuts at #1 in the US

Country singer ERNEST’s new single ‘Flower Shops’, which features fellow country star Morgan Wallen, debuted at number one in the U.S..

ERNEST's 'Flower Shops' Ft Morgan Wallen Debuts At #1 In The US

Country singer-songwriter and host of the “Just Being Ernest” podcast, ERNEST’s new song Flower Shops debuted at number one on Spotify in the U.S.. The track, which features fellow singer-songwriter Morgan Wallen, also debuted at number four on global charts.

Given the fact that despite being cancelled, taken off the radio, and dropped by his label Wallen still managed to have the best-selling album of 2021 with Dangerous: The Double Album by a *long shot*, the epic debut is to be expected.

Wallen’s other recent release, which was dropped unexpectedly, featuring Lil Durk did not do as well. Though Broadway Girls, a song Wallen had teased and been teased for on TikTok in past months, still preformed at Morgan-levels; it did not hold a candle to the ripple Flower Shops made in the country music scene.

Now, let’s get this to number one globally. Listen below:

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