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We Don’t Riot or Loot. We Vote.

We cannot fathom why someone would burn down local businesses. To what end?

silenced majority

We wear masks when businesses ask us to. When the light turns red, we stop and wait. Many of us register our firearms when told to do so. We always leave at least a 20% tip, and we most certainly pay our taxes. Those of us that have kids almost always have them to school on time. Many of us are members of the Parent-Teacher Association, and are active in our Home Owners Association—or at the very least we pay our dues. We let others exit elevators before we enter, and we always return our shopping cart.

We do not burn buildings or assault people that vote differently than us. It can be challenging to remain active in local politics (with the job and all) but we do our best. We do not necessarily have time to assemble a massive protest, but we make sure to set aside money for causes we care about.

We cannot fathom why someone would burn down local businesses. To what end?

We miss High School football. “Peaceful” protests with thousands of attendees are fine, but many of us have been barred from attending our loved one’s funerals or visiting dying family members. It’s frustrating. We wonder why the Political Elites get to attend massive funerals with zero social distancing—and broadcast them, almost as if they are rubbing it in our faces.

It’s fine—we will not cause a fuss about it. Trust me, we are used to their superiority complex. They think they are better than us, and they do not even hide it. But it’s fine.

We don’t riot, loot and burn. Our schedules do not necessarily allow us to protest anything.

We are the working class. We are the silenced majority. We fill the flyover states, and hide amongst the costal elites. We put our heads down, self-censor, and even lie about our politics to protect our businesses, children, and ourselves.

But you better fucking believe we will show up to the voting booth on November 3rd.

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