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CAWTHORN: God’s Purpose For My Life Is To Serve Others

“God had a calling on my life to serve. I’m not going to let adversity stand in the way of that.”

Madison Cawthorn, who very well may be the youngest congressman ever elected come November, released a new campaign video on Wednesday detailing his journey and the obstacles he had to overcome to be where he is today.

“Adversity is an opportunity if you look at it the right way,” he said, referring to both his car accident in 2014 that left him paralyzed, and the challenges North Carolina and the country are facing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With hard work you can overcome anything. That’s the way I was raised,” the young candidate explained. “The right way. The North Carolina way. This is where I was born and brought up.”

“Once you come face to face with death,” he says, “you learn what living truly means. God has a purpose for my life and that is to serve others. No minor set back is going to change that. I kept serving,” even after the accident. “I coached, I mentored, I ministered. Through my recovery I grew closer to my family, closer to my faith.”

The congressional candidate explained that North Carolina “faces its own unique challenges. Amidst this global pandemic we’ve lost our jobs, our businesses, our sports, our schools—we’ve lost our sense of community. What is happening to our state is wrong,” Cawthorn asserted. “The people of North Carolina are suffering. We need servant leadership how than ever before.”

“By the grace of God I am still here today, and I am ready to serve. I’m not a politician,” he emphasized. “I’m a patriot who wants to serve the people of North Carolina.

“I stand with the people of North Carolina. Their struggle is my struggle. We know how to overcome adversity together.”

Cawthorn explained that his near-death experience taught him “we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. And that’s exactly why I’m running for congress. God had a calling on my life to serve. I’m not going to let adversity stand in the way of that.”

You can donate to Madison Cawthorn’s campaign here.

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