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Kelly: The GOP must ‘Stop Cowering in the Face of Leftist Extremism’

“The current GOP in this country, it disgusts me. It’s not good enough,”Jesse Kelly said on Friday.

Kelly slams GOP

“I’m tired of my own side in this political fight,” Jesse Kelly told listeners of his show I’m Right on Friday.

“I don’t have a nicer way to put it than that, nor am I sorry about how I just put it,” he explained. “The current GOP in this country, it disgusts me. It’s not good enough.”

Kelly has been one of the leading conservative voices taking a stand against the Republican establishment. He consistently uses Twitter, his radio show, and his television show to call out the GOP’s lack of effort and tactic in both the culture and political wars against the increasingly violent left.

“The left is in its final form now…fully violent,” Kelly explained. “They’ve taken over large parts of U.S. cities, major U.S. cities. They’re killing people, looting people, damaging things. And that’s just what’s going on the street level.”

“On a national level,” he continued, “the left is openly siding with China… The Democratic party’s campaigning on opening up the border. Can you think of any political party in any nation in the history of mankind openly advocating for destroying its country? …The Democrats are.”

Kelly asserted, however, that it is not the Democrats or their platform that is the major issue the Republican party is facing. “We know that’s what [the Democrats] are,” he explained. “We’ve got an opposing force, an enemy there; we can deal with that. It’s our response that’s the problem.

“The GOP weakness—and sometimes just flat out coming alongside the left and…helping them along—it’s shocking,” he exclaimed. “The left is here in its final form and we’ve never been weaker. We’ve never been more scared.”

“Why are we more scared now than ever?” Kelly asked. “If we’re really at the place in America where…we’re breaking up, we’re dividing—okay, its not ideal…but isn’t that more of a reason to be bolder than ever? At this point in time, why shrink? Why hide under the bed? Why go along with what they’re doing? Now is the time to be bold. In times like this, what do you have to lose? Be bold.”

Yet Republicans are continually anything but: “Are we really going to watch America burn and twist ourself into knots trying to make the truth more appealing to soccer moms? Is that what this party is now? Do you think soccer moms are all about some weak, mealy mouthed response in Washington, D.C.? Or do you think they will follow bold leadership like everyone else does?”

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